Voracious Readers,what to read next?


We have lots of voracious tween readers in our community which is a fabulous problem to have. However, where does your reader go when they are not ready or interested in the more saucey topics in the teen room but they say they have read everything in the children’s room already?  One of my go to lists is a lesser known award category, the Amelia Bloomer Project. These titles often present more challenging  mature topics in an age appropriate manner and feature strong female protaganists.  The perfect combination for avid tween readers!

I am including a link to the booklist along with a few of my favorite titles and authors from the list over the years.  Feel free to have your avid reader dig in!


Titles are selected for this list on the following criteria:

1. Significant feminist content
2. Excellence in writing
3. Appealing format
4. Age appropriateness for young readers



Ellis, Grace, and Noelle Stevenson. Friendship to the Max (Lumberjanes, vol. 2). Illus. by Brooke Allen. 2015. 111p. Boom! Studios, $14.99 (978-1-60886-737-0). Gr.6-9.

Once again, the Lumberjanes must depend on each other and combine their diverse talents to save their beloved camp–and possibly the universe.

. regarding-the-trees

Klise, Kate. Regarding the Trees: A Splintered Saga Rooted in Secrets. Il. M. Sarah Klise. 2005. 143p.Gulliver Books/Harcourt, $15.00 (0-15-205163-5). Gr. 4-7. Letters and newspaper articles document the humorous misunderstanding that escalates a simple tree-trimming project into an environmental debate involving the entire community.



Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Ninth Ward. 2010. 217p. Little Brown, $15.99 (978-0-316-04307-9). Gr. 4-8.
When Hurricane Katrina breaks New Orleans’ levees, 12-year old Lanesha’s dreams of becoming an engineer and a builder of bridges anchor her determination to survive the flood and inspire her to rescue others as well.


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One Response to Voracious Readers,what to read next?

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for the great book recommendations! I am always looking for new titles to try!


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