Newbery Medals have been announced!

I was very happy to see this year’s winners.  Many of them are also Rocky River children’s favorites which is a breath of fresh air since often times what the critics love children do not…and there were a lot of those kind of titles being floated around on shortlists to win this year.   So get ready to put the following critically acclaimed books on your reading list!

This year’s Newbery Medal goes to:


This was a huge favorite of Ms. Lucy’s this year.  It is a wonderful story of magic, enchantment, and the power of love.  It may start off as dark but Ms. Lucy promises you are rewarded at the end!


Newbery Honors go to:


If there were a children’s choice award among this years winners this would be it!  I’ve had to order additional copies because I just can’t keep it on the shelves. Tweens love to read about World War II and no WWII fiction fan will be disapointed with this one!  If you would like your tween to read critically acclaimed titles that they will also love reading this is it!


I’m not going to lie this is the only disapointing title on this year’s Newbery list for me. It takes place in the 1200’s and well for me, that doesn’t offer great appeal nor did the first couple of chapters so truth be told I abandoned reading this one shortly after the start.  However, if you have a Crispin fan or an adventure fan the critics say this is a great one!


Non-Fiction is a less traditional choice in the Newbery circuit but over the years there have been a few.  This is a brightly illustrated book of verse inspired from actual estate documents of a slave owner.  Each of the eleven slaves written about in this book have 2 pages dedicated to them, one about their lives and the other about their dreams. The book end pages include reproductions of the estate papers listing each enslaved person and their monetary worth right along with the farm’s linens and livestock.  An educational and inspirational read for sure.  This is designed as a picture book rather than chapter book FYI.

Additional copies of each title have been ordered to meet increased demand so don’t be discouraged if you look for it in the library and it is not available.  Place yourself on hold and hopefully the wait will not be too long.

Yours in tween reading,

Ms. Heather



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