Fantastic beasts and where to find them!

Our River Readers Book Club created their own fan fiction entries for Harry Potter’s textbook “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” complete with  sculptures!  Read on below to discover Rocky River’s fantastic budding authors and artists and be prepared to be amazed!


“Ahh! It’s a centaur!” Ok I know I may look a little scary. A human head, torso, and arm joined to a horse body which may be several colors. Ok yeah I do look pretty scary. I am like you guys though. I can talk. I can also use a bow and arrow!  Everybody uses magical healing powers. Right?  No?! Well everybody generally speaks of mistrustful wizards and witches. Like Lord Voldemort! He Killed Harry’s parents! No?! Ugh! Do you guys live in herds with 10 to 50 members? No. Really!!!  Fine I am nothing like you!  We are believed to have originated in Greece. We do have many centaur communities in Europe. I live in a small house, it smells horrible!


Story of the Grindylow


Night had fallen among a small town in Britain everyone was deep in sleep except for me. I was rudely awoken by a splashing sound coming from the nearby lake, therefore I went out with a lantern and crept towards the lake.  All I could see was a little fish floating atop of the water then all of a sudden sharp piranha teeth popped out and ate it.  I thought it was just a predator but to my surprise horns, intimidating green eyes, and a pale green face popped out of the water.  I froze in disbelief.  It started swimming toward me, a hand reached out toward me and its long fingers grabbed my waist.  Its tight grip held me still.  The only mistake it made was that it left a tiny gap that let my arm slip through. To my surprise, it’s fingers were incredibly easy to break.  Unfortunately, so was my lantern.  I broke free of its grip, but as I started to run, it pulled me in by the leg and ate me. Now, here I am telling my story as a phantom.




The amazing encounter with the Kappa told by Hermione

Once between class periods I Hermione was sitting by the lake, when I saw something moving in the water! It looked like a monkey, but with fish scales instead of fur.   It’s head looked like it was hallow with water in it.  My first thought was that it was a sea monster but then I realized I had seen it before in a Defense Against Dark Arts textbook.  It was a Kappa! It said in the book that the Kappa feeds on human blood, but can be persuaded not to harm a person if it is thrown a cucumber with that person’s name carved into it.  So I ran to Hagrid’s  and asked him for a cucumber, and a knife.  He gave them to me and as quickly as I could bare. The Kappa was right outside the door I carved my name in the cucumber and gave it to the Kappa.  He left, and I went on to Herbology, only a few minutes late to class.

The end (for now)


The Ramora Beast


Unlike most beasts the Ramora Beast can not scream. Instead it talks, and when it does it sounds like they are screaming!  The Ramora Beast has smooth soft white fur.  It has sharp clear teeth.  It eats grass, fish and fruit. They are usually as tall as 9 feet.  Every time they take a step it’s like an earth quake!  These animals are very dangerous, If you ever see a Ramora make sure not to bug it.


The First Basilisk


Scream all you want to. Turn to stone. Shoot I don’t care if you die because of looking into my lethal yellow eyes. All I care is that before you do any of those things, listen to my story because if you’re a giant basalisk, you can’t really be the life of the party anyway…

I was an experiment. Bred to be bad you could say. All because of Herpo the Foul, a green dark wizard and Parslemouth (able to speak to, and understand snakes.  He – who-must-not-be-named (Lord Voldemort) was a Parslemouth).  He decided “Hey why don’t I try to create this gigantic snake that will kill everyone in it’s path! What a great idea me! So nutso over here (after much trial and error) figured out that a chicken egg hatched under a toad would produce moi.

Herpo created the world’s introduction to frenzy. One thousand pounds of enormous fifty foot high and bright green chicken-toad. And even that wasn’t awesome I mean evil enough.  Naturally, it had to be loaded with super venomous fangs (like the kind that kill you in a minute) as well as eyes that can kill you if look in them directly, and petrify you if you see through something else for example; a mirror or puddle of water.  Not your average pet.

Is there any more cool things about me you should know? Hmmm…Oh yeah, I can live for about one thousand years because of my bountiful supply of food. I eat all mammals and birds and most reptiles (beside myself). I’m so dangerous (I mean dangerously cool) that creation of my fellow kinsmen is illegal.  Unfortunately, all you have to do to stop a basalisk from hatching is to move the egg out from under the toad.  I’m dangerous to everyone except Parslemouths, so watch out.  I’m getting bored with you, you’d make a very nice statue!



Kelpie/Water Kelpie


It was the Scots name given to a shape shifting water spirit. It’s usually appearing as a horse, but able to adopt human form.  Kelpies have been portrayed in their various forms in art and literature, most recently in 298 ft high steel sculptures. 


Mackled Malaclaw


The Mackled Malaclaw is a brilliant and ferocious beast that loves to eat food and will do anything to get it. The Malaclaw is grey with deep green spots and resembles a lobster. It is sarcastic and often says funny things to it’s victims before devouring them. One time when the Mackled Malaclaw was after a crab, he tricked it into becoming his friend.  Then he came really close to the crab.  The crab said “You’re not going to eat me; you are my friend.” The Malaclaw looked him in the eye and said “Yeah, keep telling yourself that.” He then devoured the crab. This is a beast you do not want to mess with.



I got up out of bed. The sun was streaming through the window like a river of light. I cringed, remembering what had happened yesterday. My encounter with the Nundu had not gone smoothly. Being caught off guard is never good when hunting down a creature. Sadly only one of my two companions survived. I shouldn’t have gone into this battle, but it wasn’t like I could turn back now. All that training. All those things my sensei had taught me. And the Nundu had my scent now. It was only a matter of time before it tracked me down. If I didn’t kill it, it would kill me. If you don’t exactly know what a Nundu is, I’ll explain it.

Take a second to imagine a leopard. Ok? Now make it four times larger with long sharp teeth. The Nundu is a humongous leopard beast, with glowing red eyes and the strength of ten men. It usually attacks a village all at one, and could kill 100 men in twenty seconds, not being noticed as it hides itself in the shadows and runs away without making as much as one sound

I put on my tattered jacket and grabbed my bow and arrow. I walked out of the little hut I had made myself. Then I took a deep breath, whishing Lily was still with me. After our friend Marriete didn’t make it back with us. I told her to go home. So she wouldn’t get hurt. “Just take a breath. You can do this.” I said to myself. Then I jumped on my horse and road off into the jungle.

When I was far enough into the jungle, I got off my horse. “NUNDU!” I yelled. I knew it would hear me.  It had ears that could pick up any noise. Finally, the large beast approached. It snarled, and roared before charging at me. But I didn’t run away.  I charged straight at it. When the beast was about two feet away  I leaped onto its back and ran across, jumping onto the ground. Then I aimed my bow at it, and let go. The arrow zoomed and hit it in its side. The Nundu let our a wail before falling to its death.


Yeti, Unicorn, Demigies, & Streder





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  1. Donna says:

    Great stories!


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