My Life by One Very Special Library Book


Did you ever wonder how certain books happen to be on the shelf of the Library? Just think…of all the books in the whole entire world, how did I end up in the Library…your Library?

Well, here is my story and it is a very interesting story…because I am a very interesting book!

I started as the inspiration of the person/author who put their thoughts and ideas on paper. A publisher (the company who makes the books) liked my author’s idea and decided to publish me. An artist/illustrator drew some very nice pictures to go along with all the words that my author wrote. That is how I have such beautiful pictures in my book.

After I am printed, I am advertised to book stores and libraries so that the people in charge of purchasing books for these places can decide if this is a book that would be interesting to their customers/patrons. A nice Librarian at Rocky River Public Library chose me from the many hundreds of books that were written this month!

I am put in a box and sent on a truck to Rocky River. When I arrive at the Library, the Technical Services Department then receives my box…and me. I am given a unique number that no other book in the Library has. I am also categorized by if I am fiction or nonfiction. From there I am given additional information on my book and in the catalog computer depending on several factors. If I am a nonfiction book, I am given a Dewey Decimal System number by what I am about.

000 – Computer science, information & general works

100 – Philosophy & psychology

200 – Religion

300 = Social sciences

400 – Language

500 – Science

600 – Technology

700 – Arts & recreation

800 – Literature

900 – History & geography

Autobiography or biography

If I am a fiction book, a decision is made about what category I fit into, depending on my subject matter, length of book, and the type of book. There are many categories of fiction as well.

Toy Books – Flaps or movable parts

Board Books – Chunky size for small hands with sturdy pages that cannot be easily torn.

Picture Books – Many large pictures and few words per page with 32 pages total.

Beginning Readers and Readers – Helpful for young children that are learning to read.

Fairytales and Folktales – Teach a lesson, explain, or tell a story.

Younger Fiction – Generally for students in 2nd or 3rd grade and have less than 150 pages total.

Children’s Fiction books – Generally for students in 4th or 5th grades over 150 pages total.

The nonfiction is put on the shelf using the Dewey Decimal number system and the fiction books are shelved by the categories above and then in alphabetical order by author. So, when someone looks up a book on the catalog computer, it will show what section of the Children’s Department the book is in and if it is on the shelf or checked out.

I have been placed on the shelf and am anxiously awaiting the first person to check me out! That person will certainly be one of many since libraries allow many people to check out the same book…and since I am one very interesting book, I may set a record!




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One Response to My Life by One Very Special Library Book

  1. Donna says:

    I think library books all have special lives!!!!! I have to keep reading to find out about all of them!


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