The Important Library Card


September has been the month that libraries in Cuyahoga County including Rocky River Public Library have promoted their joint campaign, A Card for Every Kid. The goal of this campaign was to put a library card into the hands of every student, Pre-K through High School in Cuyahoga County.


Did we succeed? The final statistics are not in yet but here in the Children’s Department, we had 100 children enter our Library Baskets Drawing because they got a new library card. Was that every child in Rocky River? No, but I think 100 is an impressive number and a great accomplishment during this month-long promotion.

According to Homeroom, the official blog of the United States Department of Education, the top 4 reason to get a library card are:

  1. to have student success in school and in life
  2. to get connected to the Internet
  3. to get expert help
  4. to open new worlds to explore

You can read the entire blog through this link: These reasons are good but my all-time favorite reason to have a library card is because libraries are FREE! I can find books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, and more at the library (especially at Rocky River Public Library) and bring them home to enjoy for FREE! What a deal!!!!

The end of September does not mean the end of the opportunity for a child to get a library card. A library card can be obtained during any visit to the library. We hope to see you with a new library card in the library soon!

Happy Reading! Donna


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